MAY RETAIL - Unique Unicorns
MAY RETAIL - Unique Unicorns

MAY RETAIL - Unique Unicorns

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Fabric is on hand and ready to ship. PLEASE NOTE! With Retail we cannot guarantee continuous cuts however we will try our best to send as continuous as we have. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping

Fabric will be printed on:

-cotton/lycra (95% cotton/5% lycra), 230-250 gsm

-cotton woven (100% cotton woven), 150 gsm


One METRE length (approx 39") and 58-60" wide. 

Minor flaws, discolouration and white speckles are all a common part of the printing process and may occur. I do my best to ensure that fabric is not affected by any defect before shipping. Any flaw that is smaller than a dime will be considered normal for the printing process and not be eligible for a refund/exchange. It is also common for there to be small puncture marks along the selvedge from the printing process. Please note: I WILL NOT offer exchanges or refunds on any fabric that has already been washed!