How do preorders work?

Typically preorders are shipped to you 8-12 weeks after the END of the preorder. Preorders are open for 3 weeks (typically) and offer fabrics at a discounted rate from retail. You place your order, wait 8-12 weeks (usually around 10 weeks) and then once the fabric arrives to us, we ship it to you! 

Preorder updates:

Back to School and More! Preorder is currently being cut and packed at our shop. We will start shipping the week of Sept 6. 

Does Crookshanks ever re-run old prints?

Sometimes, but not always! If it was a popular print, it is likely to rerun in about a year. 

Do we sell in USD or CAD?

Crookshanks is a Canadian based company, therefore we do charge in CAD funds. You can use the tool on the website to see what your order will be in other currencies including USD. Sometimes it can be confusing when you are viewing in USD and then it switches back to CAD for checkout but don’t panic! CAD is worth less than USD and your bank or PayPal will always convert the final total for you.